Are you tired of the summer heat?  If you’re one of the many people that don’t like a lot of hair on their head in the warmer months, then the High Fade is a great option.  It’s a simple and clean haircut that requires little maintenance.  This haircut is common for those that sweat a lot or those that have to wear caps frequently on the job.

The hairstyle is a bald fade that is taken up above the temples and the hair is blended into the top.  The most common way to style the top of the hair is by sporting waves or small curls.  The idea with this hairstyle is to keep as little hair on the head as possible while still maintaining a crisp look.

This is also a relatively easy style to cut if you’re a beginner barber.  You can watch the full version step-by-step of this haircut on the Barber Style Directory YouTube channel.

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