The Caesar is a timeless staple predominantly in the African American community.  This is one of the most clean and classic haircuts that you can get.  It simple, yet very distinct, as it is places an emphasis on the lineup.  This haircut should be one of the first (If not the first) haircut that you should learn because it is the most basic in concept and will serve as a building block as you learn more complex haircuts.  Below I will break down the steps in cutting a Caesar.  Let’s dive into it.

What is a Caesar?
This is when all of the hair is cut down to one length.  The most common guard length used is the #1 (or 1/8) guard.  This will cut the hair down with the grain nice and smooth while still leaving the hair full and dark. 

Step 1:  Take the #1 guard and cut the hair in the natural direction that it grows.  Be sure to comb the hair thoroughly before you actually begin cutting so you will know exactly how the hair grows.  BE SURE TO START CUTTING FROM THE CROWN OF THE HEAD, as this is where the hair grows from.

Step 2: After you’ve cut the hair down, apply a holding product (foaming lotion or medium hold spritz) to lay the hair down and keep it in place.  This is important because whenever you get ready for the lineup, you want the hair to not move out of place.  This will ensure that you get the most crisp line possible.

Step 3: The last and final step of this haircut is the lineup.  The key is to take your time and make the line as symmetrical as possible around the entire head.  Be careful not to push the line back.  You want to find that sweet spot between keeping it natural and making it as crisp as possible.  You can check out the full video to this blog by visiting the Barber Style Directory YouTube channel.

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