Cutting off someone’s dreadlocks can be a roller coaster experience.  Most people that have been growing their hair out for years have an attachment to it.  However, there comes a point where many people have to cut their hair for whatever reason (work, lifestyle, etc.)  This blog will serve as a guide on how to cut off dreadlocks without making the person look/feel like they made a mistake.

Tip 1:  Cut off as little hair as possible.  When cutting the dreadlocks, you want to cut it right where the hair begins to “lock”, that way you still leave a good bit of hair on the head.  I strongly recommend using shears to cut each loc off individually.  After cutting off all of the hair, it is a good idea to place the dreadlocks into an air sealed ziplock bag, as the person will more than likely want to keep them.

Tip 2:  Wash the hair before you begin the haircut.  When hair has been intertwined together for years, the hair will be tightly coiled and matted together even after you cut the dreadlocks.  Shampooing the hair will loosen the hair and remove all dirt and buildup from the scalp.  This will also help ensure that you get the most crisp haircut.  You will then need to pick out the hair and cut off any kinks or knots that still remain.  The hair is now ready to be shaped and cut.

Tip 3:  When performing the haircut, go for something subtle.  I strongly do not recommend cutting the hair down brush length.  Since the hair is used to being twisted up, it will be hard to initially lay the hair down.  If you eventually want to do a brush length cut, I would wait until the second haircut, not the first.  For the first haircut, I would recommend cutting down the hair and shaping it up.  I would also recommend  a taper on the sides and the back.  This look will look less “drastic” and help the person ease into the reality of no longer having dreadlocks.  I would also recommend adding some curling product to the hair to give it some texture.

These three tips can be summed up in the video below.  You can watch the full version of this video on the Barber Style Directory YouTube channel. 

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